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I created this today because my mums new hair salon is opening and she wanted a price list that wasn’t made in Word! xoxox

I created this today because my mums new hair salon is opening and she wanted a price list that wasn’t made in Word! xoxox

Mireille Fauchon

Mireille Fauchon originally went to university to study Graphic Design and whilst studying towards her BA discovered the joy and impact of illustration. Mireille Fauchon came into the Arts University College at Bournemouth today to do a talk for us about her career and then we had a tutorial so she could see our work and give us some feed back. When talking about her work she mentioned her love of finding extraordinary things (maybe even described as mystical) that happen in everyday life. She loves researching local history and things that happen and people’s reaction to them. Her first project was where she discovered her love of illustration, it was based around Highgate Cemetery and how local people thought vampire existed there, her collected was called ‘The Highgate Vampire’ and can be seen on her website My favorite work of Mireille Fauchon is her most recent which is a remake of the book ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ by Anthony Hope. She based her idea on recreating and illustrating a country that doesn’t exist by photographing objects and piecing together scenery to create a new land. 

Hierarchy Layout

I’m going to write about hierarchy and how this applies to my new brief. Firstly I want to explain my brief! I have to create and print a magazine that consists of 2 double page spreads and a single spread in total five pages. It has to contain information and an interview from typeradio about a chosen typographer out of a list of six. I chose Kris Sowersby!

When creating my magazine I had to consider hierarchy of the text and, this is even more important as my magazine is type based with no images. Hierarchy when applied to layout and text means the order of importance of what the text is saying. This is denoted through the point size and style. If something if extremely important such as the heading of the text, the text will be size 32pt and probably in a bold clear font, this is the heaviest weight in the document. This is called the A heading. The B heading usually is slightly smaller in point size than the A heading, it is also slightly less heavy and is usually not set as bold but as regular.

The C heading is the lowest it can be the same point size as the body of text but in an italic version. The body copy is the last in the hierarchy it is the main text block that follows the headings. It usually is separated form the C heading with a space to emphasize the hierarchy. 

(I have taken notes for this piece from the Layout Book) 

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